WBCSD Virtual Meeting - Future proofing your energy strategy through value chain collaboration - Shared screen with speaker view
Tamara Enzler
www.menti.com, code: 61 62 76
Tamara Enzler
www.menti.com, code: 61 62 76
Tamara Enzler
www.menti.com, code: 61 62 76
Aysu Katun
1) For required projects that have longer payback terms or unfavorable financing options, how do you fund those types of projects and get the buy-in internally? 2) What percentage of your energy/decarbonization projects are internally financed and what percentage are externally financed?
Has WBCSD developed any platform to bring awareness on energy efficient technologies for different sectors
Raul Alfaro-Pelico (ACCIONA)
Many thanks for the presentations! Quick question Mariana: you had separated governance from engagement in the stepped approach. Would not engagement come first? Thinking of how great governance initiatives get stuck due to lack of preliminary engagement/buy-in...
Rutger van der Zanden
Hi Veman - WBCSD has an extensive set of guidelines published on this dedicated website: https://wbcsdpublications.org/integrated-energy-strategy/
Rutger van der Zanden
it provides separate guidance on low carbon sourcing, energy efficiency, as well as numerous business cases on specific technologies
Maria Pia Cappiello
Concerning the biggest barriers to decarbonize the energy consumption, it came out that the first barrier is ROI/ payback period and as second one the availability of business models. How do you address these two issues?