RtZ - Soil as Climate Solution: Getting to scale - Shared screen with speaker view
Deborah Bossio-TNC
Yes, Australia is a great example that we can all learn from
Yvan Biot
Hi! Yvan Biot from Nourish Scotland here. So glad Louise is talking about bringing farmers into the search for solutions and hearing Theo talk on behalf of famers. We agree that they have been absent in the dialogue so far, and we are committed to helping them raise their voice at COP26 next year. See https://www.nourishscotland.org/campaigns/cop26-and-food-systems/ for more details and how to get in touch with us.
Erin Fitzgerald
Great job Theo! We farmers and ranchers are here with you in the United States. Its our dream too! Let's do this! We can do this!
Robert Barbe-WBCSD
To first group of panelists - please make sure to turn your video off when we move on to Carolina and the first perspective. Paul & Carolina prepare to turn on your cameras :)
Carolina Moeller
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Federico Bellone-Climate Champions
Nice to have you have you here Bill
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Tobias Gräs
Tobias Gräs from the Danish Agriculture and Food Council. On Policy: To deliver on climate neutrality, we feel there is a need for carbon markets for removals. In the EU, as part of the Climate Law, the European Parliament is calling for the Commission to 'explore the feasibility' of trading removal crédits in the EU Emissions Trading System, the ETS. The Commission has not yet responded to this call. Globally, removal crédits might be what is needed to unluck the standed discussion on the Paris Agreement Article 6. Such crédits could create a significant source of global climate finance.
Ian Randall
HI! I’m Ian Randall from Wasafiri. The expansion of carbon farming is clearly an essential global transition. This will take systemic change and unprecedented cross-sector collaboration. I wrote a short paper exploring how to create the conditions for systemic change in favour of soil health: https://www.wasafirihub.com/soil-climate-solution/. The technical argument is won. How do we structure global collaboration to drive this agenda forward?
Ying Li
I am working in TNC China. We are glad to participate in task forces of 4p1000 and contribute to the development of the implementation strategies.
Robert Barbe-WBCSD
Luisa, Sok, Tamisha, Minette - please prepare to turn on your cameras when we make the transition from Paul's perspective
Luisa Volpe-WFO
Ronald Vargas
I invite you all to check to RECSOIL: recarbonization of global agricultural soils. This is FAO/GSP contribution to the Koronivia Join Work on Agriculture. We are currently working on the technical inputs (SOC sequestration potential per country, MRV, database of good practices, etc). We will roll it out next year but for us central is Farmers as they are the agents of change, and we need to support them. We should make it clear that we need to implement sustainable soil management based on SOM/Soil biodiversity, but note that not all soils can sequester carbon. Furthermore, we should manage the voluntary market as we cannot afford to generate very cheap carbon credits.
Tobias Gräs
On action: There is a need to mobilize more climate finance from the Green Climate Fund and other donors. In Q3 2021 the UNFCCC Standing Committee on Finance will organize a Forum on Nature Based Solutions. This should be a time to mobilise more funds for action. Together with the Dutch Agri-development organisation Agriterra, and the farming organisations of Finland and The Netherlands, the Danish Agriculture and Food Council has established a Global Cooperative Partnership on Climate Smart Food and Forestry. Learn more about this initiative below, and do get in touch with us if interested in partnering (tog@agridan.be):https://www.agriterra.org/modules/downloads/upload_directory/Cooperative%20Partnership%20for%20Climate%20Smart%20Food%20and%20Forestry%202020_12_def%20(1).pdf
Tony Siantonas-WBCSD
Dear Christine - thanks for your question on the work of companies and civil society to partner - I hope some of the other speakers from companies can share some more examples here - but here is one example from Australia - which also addresses another question from a participant from that region https://www.farmonline.com.au/story/6998520/soil-carbon-project-gains-momentum-as-partners-join/
CHANGE IS HAPPENING, JOIN US!! https://www.forumforthefuture.org/scaling-regenerative-agriculture-in-the-us Unlocking the levers to transformation is the goal of the US Growing our Future regenerative agriculture collaboration - activation phase starts January 2021 - co-created across the system: food industry, producers, advisors, investors, policymakers, rural groups, whoever you are join us! Read the report above from our collaborative diagnosis and contact us! We are starting in the US but keen to work in many regions, notably the UK, APAC and particularly India. reach me at L.MITCHELL@FORUMFORTHEFUTURE.ORG
Pete Ritchie
Paul - what’s your guess at the moment in terms of this agenda being tmainstreamed - % of farmers who measure soil carbon, % of national climate/ag policies which refer to soil carbon, % of farmers who are currently rewarded for carbon sequestration either through private markets or public subsidy? It would be good to get a sense of where we are on the S shaped adoption curve
Paul Luu-4 per 1000 initiative
More video on our 4 per 1000 YouTube channel : https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCvBmNtaHxi3PcvbUkkL_UQg
Christi Dixon
Kudos to organizers for including a full panel of farmers! Thank you!
Federico Bellone-Climate Champions
+1 Christy. Farmers are crucial and their agency should be supported
Federico Bellone-Climate Champions
Federico Bellone-Climate Champions
Thank you Minette. The time of fatmers, and COP26 in UK a key moment
Federico Bellone-Climate Champions
Federico Bellone-Climate Champions
Very compelling vision
Deborah Bossio-TNC
+1 Minette!!
Ian Randall
As well as COP, we have the Food System Summit next year. A push on soil health can leverage both events. How do we connect those work streams into a single effort, rather than divide ourselves across them?
Martin Frick-UN special Envoy on Food Systems
Great point, Ian, and on our radar under our Action Track 3
Federico Bellone-Climate Champions
Robert Barbe-WBCSD
FYI due to timing - we are going to drop the mentimeter questions and move straight into Finian's piece
Carolina Moeller
after the business perspective
Finian Makepeace-Kiss the Ground
the best way helps small farming
Robert Barbe-WBCSD
the mentimeter will be turned into a survey sent to the attendees to fill in
Ian Randall
Thanks Martin. That’s great to hear.
Robert Barbe-WBCSD
yes, thank you Carolina, after the Business perspective we'll move to Finian :)
What great speakers and thank you for the diverse voices of farmers. Minette, Martin Frick you are breaths of fresh air. Really keen to see how we can work more closely to support your work with Forum for the Future's systems skills. Do be in touch. l.mitchell@forumforthefuture.org
Federico Bellone-Climate Champions
+1 - amazing work by Forum for the Future on regenerative ag. Thanks for being here Lesley!
Paul Pizzala
Would love to show New Foundation Farms as an exemplar of building scale in the UK. new foundation farms
Ian Randall
Katya - I’m curious whether carbon insetting could be a powerful tool for off-takers like Nestle to influence their supply chain and adoption of context-appropriate carbon farming practices?
Ntiokam Divine ( CSAYN)
Great presentations indeed.
Christi Dixon
Bayer is also investing in vertical farming, biological/microbial solutions and digital platforms to help farmers only use what’s needed in the field. Jeff and other scientists are working on the next decade’s innovation - so we can get to sustainable intensification.
Andrew Durston
what value is put onto carbon offsetting?
Tamisha Lee
I would love the opportunity to speaking
Federico Bellone-Climate Champions
Yes, please share the survey. We NEED to hear as many voices as possible.. Please participate
Ntiokam Divine ( CSAYN)
I have been listening and watching buy how do we ensure youth are fully integrated in the NBS discussions towards contributing to the COP26
Martin Frick-UN special Envoy on Food Systems
Ntiokam, it would be great of the link to COP26 could be done bz zouth in the countrz level dialogues of the Food Summit!
Martin Frick-UN special Envoy on Food Systems
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Ian Randall
“Farmers as humanity’s new heroes!” Fantastic.
Martin Frick-UN special Envoy on Food Systems
will have limited time wrapping up. Pls stay engaged via twitter @foodsystems @agnes_kalibata @cmfrick
Fantastic Finian… keep doing your great job communicating and inspiring regeneration to the world
Paul Luu-4 per 1000 initiative
please join the "4 per 1000" network with your organization. You are welcome.
Katja Seidenschnur-Nestle
To Ian randall :yes, absolutely. With Nestle pledge to net zero, we are highly supportive and we have laid out an action plan how to do it. Collaborating directly with farmers or through our suppliers is key. Highly supportive of regenerative agriculture, regenerating soil, low carbon dairy agriculture, agroforesty etc. is a big part of the solution.
Yifan Song
Such great discussion and thank you all for your insightful sharing. Since farmers are so essential in this endeavor, I’m wondering how farmers in the global south, who often do not have secure land rights or who are tenant farmers, can meaningfully join this trend which will also have great implications on their future?
Paul Luu-4 per 1000 initiative
You are completely right. Secured land tenure is vital for farmers, our new heroes.
Ying Li
We are working in China on RA, which is quite new concept here. Even soil health in Chna is ignored still by Gov't. How could we raise the awareness of center Gov't?
Ian Randall
Thank you Katya!
This is one of the most inspiring and smart sessions I have been in in months!
Federico Bellone-Climate Champions
One more great achievement for Costa Rica. +1 Eduard
Florence Jeantet OP2B
@Ying Li : will be good to connect to explore how we can help through business connection - www.op2b.org (Jeantet@wbcsd)
Florence Jeantet OP2B
Sorry Jeantet@wbcsd.org
Agnes Kalibata wrote this really compelling piece for Forum for the Future's new 'Future's Centre': take a look: https://www.thefuturescentre.org/the-cost-of-inaction-on-nutrition-will-be-too-high-a-price-to-pay-by-2030/
Finian Makepeace-Kiss the Ground
Thank you all. One more thought I forgot to mention. When we accept that much of our land is “broken”, regenerative agriculture is agriculture that is regenerating the land. This means taken broken degraded soil and rebuilding it so it’s structured again. Pumping carbon from the atmosphere through living plants into the soil to be formed into glues by microbes that make aggregated healthy soil. The point is, we can rebuild it. Just like a broken cup, that was designed to hold water, we can glue it back together so it works again. The glue is from carbon from the atmosphere. :)
Paul Luu-4 per 1000 initiative
We have CAAS in our network of "4 per 1000" Initiative, and we ware working hard to have China as a member. As organization working on RA please join the Initiative to show how things are moving in China. you can find the process to join on our website: https://www.4p1000.org/join-initiative
Finian Makepeace-Kiss the Ground
Also, I would like to mention. For regenerative agriculture to work, it needs “Indigenous place-based knowledge, holistic/adaptive/context-specific land management, and cutting edge science and technology.
Angela Cordeiro
Agroecology is already restoring soil. We nee
Nicole Pasricha
WRT the comments made around farmers gaining better access to carbon market, how do the speakers consider to reconcile the permanence requirements of current carbon markets vs. the shorter permanence of soil carbon or other ag solutions?
Angela Cordeiro
We need commitment of governments to shift from supporting chemical industry to support agroecological local food systems.
Nicole Pasricha
WRT the comments made around farmers gaining better access to carbon market, how do the speakers consider to reconcile the permanence requirements of current carbon markets vs. the shorter permanence of soil carbon or other ag solutions?
Ian Randall
“The benefits of investing in soil health are unequivocal” Yes!
We need to overcome the lack of integration of policies, that are designed in silos at all levels. Educational, scientific, agricultural and environmental policy need to come from a broader, holistic consensus. Otherwise, there is unlikely that there will be coordination, synergies and impact.In most cases, current policies (including not doing anything), are one of the causes of climate change and environmental degradation.
Nicole Pasricha
And along the same lines: what feedback do the panelists have to the taskforce on voluntary carbon markets draft recommendations to ensure agriculture/nature based solutions can better participate?
David Howlett
As a soil scientist great to have this focus on soils! Very important agenda, and also essential to build resilience into farming systems.On this Nigel and Gonzalo will be sharing their plans for Race for Resilience today during the Building a Climate Resilient and Just Future for all: Delivering Action and Ambition dialogue from 6 to 7:30pm (GMT). Registration is https://www.atlanticcouncil.org/event/building-a-climate-resilient-and-just-future-for-all/ Please join.
Angela Cordeiro
Important position paper from AFSA - African Alliance for Food Sovereignty in Africa. https://www.gaiafoundation.org/app/uploads/2017/09/Agroecology-the-bold-future-of-farming-in-Africa-ebook1.pdf
Deborah Bossio-TNC
Thank you all for the inspiring session!!
Land degradation is defined paddock by paddock by farmers. The right question is how we get into that decision making as soon as possible. No solution without farmers….
Federico Bellone-Climate Champions
Thank you amazing panelists and farmers!