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Michael Ofosuhene-Wise
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Karina Litvack
what specific actions t
Karina Litvack
what specific actions do you think companies can usefully take in order to ensure a successful COP26, in particular to ensure that our respective governments engage effectively in the ratcheting-up process?
Chris Gassman, MAAL Associates
Question for All building on Liam's strategic purpose point:How should Small Businesses collaborate with the Larger companies in their Value Chain? (e.g. if we've priced our Carbon, if we're already working toward a Net Zero goal, etc.)Should we reach out to Sustainability Teams to let them know we can help? Are Procurement Teams generally on page yet? Should we go to CFOs instead?https://www.linkedin.com/in/chrisgassman/
Peter Mills
I am interested in the prospects for process changes in the Ag sector to drive carbon sequestration in soils, however as climate change is anticipated to alter biomes and the characteristics of ecoregions, can carbon sequestered in the near term through better farming practices be expected to remain contained over the longer term as climate regimes (and hence farming activities) shift poleward?
Michelle Nutting
For Liam Condon - What do Policy leaders need to understand about engaging agriculture in delivering carbon reduction?
Lucy Moran
Q for all- what is the role of ambitious businesses in bringing on board the laggards, esp those who may seek to block policy changes /carbon pricing?
Chris Gassman, MAAL Associates
What was the name of "the Carbon Game" that Carina mentioned? I've found a few and was not sure which one was recommended
Ms. De Boissezon points to the threat of yellow vests. This raises the opportunity of the business sector to recognize the power of ‘green vests’ and the divestment movement. Can virtuous and forward-thinking companies promote community-based policy initiatives (in concert with government) to capture public demand for sustainability through cooperative aggregation models to release this demand in the marketplace more directly than lobbying for a higher ‘price’ for carbon or other regulatory incentives. The rural best practices from Bayer are an example. 2030 Districts in cities are another. Break down the silos !
Pianpian Wang
Q for all- what is the most important driver to the corporate leadership to commit to climate mitigation? Is the same drive to push leadership towards SGDs? If the leadership has no intent to change the business-usual pattern, what could change that? Thank you :)
Michael Ofosuhene-Wise
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Carine De Boissezon
name of carbon game is « la fresque du climat », it is translated into 20 languages
Chris Gassman, MAAL Associates
Thank you Carine!
Michael Ofosuhene-Wise
Thanks for sharing Carine
Elena Rainey
How about - give laggards some market mechanisms, incentives, tools to do better.
Gabby Burian (Bayer)
Pianpian Wang
Thank you for sharing your insights. :D
Chris Gassman, MAAL Associates
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Michael Ofosuhene-Wise
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