WBCSD Virtual Meeting - Going beyond individual company action for systems decarbonization - Shared screen with speaker view
Roland Hunziker
You may ask questions to the panelists using the chat function. We will do our best to address them, and in any case we will take note and are happy to follow up.
jennifer gerholdt
If and how is the pandemic impacting your company and climate strategy and goals, and what is it that you need from the partners on this call to help you build back better?
Boris Gamazaychikov
@ Lena - how have you been making the business case for low embodied carbon projects?
jennifer gerholdt
What do the speakers see as the 'big bets' that will accelerate decarbonization of the built env in the next 3-5 years?
Lena Hök
@Jennifer gerholdt: Looking at the direction fo the recovery programs of IMF, C40, EU and UK, we can conclude that there is a high aim to "build back better" making the recovery programs part of a green transformation. If this is to be followed through - this will be the big bet of our lifetime.
jennifer gerholdt
Hi Lena, agree. We Mean Business coalition has been doing a lot of work in this area in recent months, led by our policy team and WBCSD as our international policy lead.https://www.wemeanbusinesscoalition.org/build-back-better/Now the follow through!!
Lena Hök
@Boris; We need to take the approach from both short term cost efficiencies and long term value creations. For example resource efficiencies of material, fuel or energy usage may create cost benefits and less impact directly, even with minor investments needed. More complex solutions however, means more innovations and investments and long term pay back. Here we need to have partners/clients that put a value of the sustainability performance (long and short term) and adds these aspects in their procurement process. No matter if it is short or long term solutions, key is to have measurements, KPI:s and follow up on the performance.
EIB in Europe has a key role in initiating this long term investment
Raul Alfaro-Pelico (ACCIONA)
Logging off. Great discussion. Many thanks and keep safe!
Luca De Giovanetti
Thank you very much for joinig!