Climate Week Event: Healthy planet, healthy people - Shared screen with speaker view
Uta Jungermann
it has started.
Simon Aumonier
Recognising the very significant commitments of the companies that the panel represents - everything has an impact, and Marie's presentation demonstrated the aggregate effect of the economy in that regard. Is the panel confident that the benefits of healthcare products in all cases justify the impacts they must have? Are there conditions where this balance is most attractive? And least attractive? Should the portfolio of treatments shift over time to address some of the health needs the 2050 Vision identifies and where that balance will most benefit the planet as well as patients?
Simon Aumonier
BBC Radio 4 coverage this morning stated a figure of '10% of prescriptions being unnecessary'. Can the sector better intervene to cut emissions around the excess impact of these consumptions?
Simon Aumonier
Do you have comments on the role of healthcare organisations in procuring lower carbon products and services, and to expedite regulatory approvals with that in mind (Claire, you mentioned low CFP propellants, for example)?
Uta Jungermann
QUESTION from the Q&A box. Anonymous attendee: What role do you see digital technologies will play in helping you towards your goals? Are there any technologies recently that have caught your attention?
Simon Aumonier
Given more impactful products might be justified because of their greater benefits in the care pathway context, is there any risk that corporate targets might prove a constraint in maximising societal carbon reductions?
Kathleen Ng, Ms.
Great session, TYSM!