WBCSD Virtual Meeting - The consequences of COVID-19: What the pandemic means for the decade ahead PM - Shared screen with speaker view
Raul Alfaro-Pelico ACCIONA
Good morning colleagues - again, many thanks for this discussion and the insights from the GEF CEO.
Raul Alfaro-Pelico ACCIONA
Question to Ms. Ishii - given the limited size of available GEF funding, are there any new ways of scaling up the necessary financing and investment from the private sector, that the GEF is thinking of to address this new scale of transformation needed, in order to prevent the current and ongoing climate emergencies? Many thanks, Raul @Acciona
Naoko Ishii
Thanks for a great question. Given the limited resources of GEF, we have already shifted our model from fragmented small projects towards joining Multi-stakeholder coalition programs / projects such as Food and Land Use Program, Commodity Supply Chain programs, Sustainable Cities, Circular Economy in plastic and consumer electronics, or Deforestation in Amazon and Congo. these are built on collaboration with multi-stakeholders including business. We will push this way of doing business further.
Mel Melis
thank you everyone