WBCSD Virtual Meeting - Where next: key trends and disruptions for the decade ahead - Shared screen with speaker view
Filippo Veglio
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Dr. Divya Singhal, Goa, India
What do you think about the role of Business schools and how can we make future managers aware of the choices they make and the sustainability consequences of those decisions? - Dr. Divya Singhal, GIM, Goa, India
Oriol Fabregas
1. How you convince the owners/shareholders from your company that we have a moral duty to take actions that improve our environmental and social impact but that does not have a direct economic impact with savings or earnings?2. What do you do as a business leader, employee, etc when the shareholders do not approve undertaking this type of actions?
Vira Khoroshavina
What role the business is ready to play in partnership with governments in building resilient economic system
Gabriel Voto
Building up on the work of Adam Kahane (former Shell Adaptive Scenario Planning Director), what do you think is the responsibility of Business not only to analise passively the potential scenarios, macrotrends ans so forth but to support a transformative scenario planning exercise an be more active actors on the Development of new and better future scenarios?
I really like the point raised by Duncan. what about the rest of Colin's book? and the Statement of Purpose of the corporation -- aiming for all companies to adopt a Statement of Purpose by their respective board of directors, acknowledging stakeholders, as important as shareholders, and it unique purpose in society
dora crisan
thank you everyone for the interesting points shared during this session. Dr Khong raised an essential point when expressing the importance of actively engage in an environmental strategy execution once the company's internal and competitive analysis are being accomplished.
Dr. Divya Singhal, Goa, India
Thank you for organising this. Regards- Divya, India