WBCSD Virtual Meeting - Nature Action - Shared screen with speaker view
Diane Holdorf
Welcome, we will start in just a minute as more people join
Susanne Kat
Hi all, thank you for joining this session! If you have any questions, please do put them here in the chat.
Susanne Kat
Please find the WEF Nature Risk Rising report here: https://www.weforum.org/reports/nature-risk-rising-why-the-crisis-engulfing-nature-matters-for-business-and-the-economy And the Future of Nature and Business here https://www.weforum.org/reports/new-nature-economy-report-ii-the-future-of-nature-and-business.
Susanne Kat
WBCSD has also prepared business summaries of these reports. Find the summary of Nature Risk Rising here https://www.wbcsd.org/Programs/Food-and-Nature/Food-Land-Use/Resources/New-Nature-Economy-Series-Chapter-1-Nature-Risk-Rising And the Future of Nature and Business here https://www.wbcsd.org/contentwbc/download/9913/149226
Many of the NbS options we are discussing these days are something that we have been doing for the past many years: such as mangrove forests, forest restoration, watershed management, etc. I wonder if you could share some of your thoughts as to way NbS different that we have been doing on traditional natural resources management. many thanks.
Diane Holdorf
Hi @Bhim, thanks for the question. Hopefully what Akanksha is presenting now helps set context for the shift in thinking about how we begin thinking about NBS in specific ways that mitigate the implications of these three big systems. The NBS examples you shared above remain also very important, and may in fact feature in some of the systemic transition pathways.
thanks, Diane.
@Andrea: it looks you are also the certified B corporations. I wonder if you could share some of your quick thoughts if the existing criteria to be a B corporation is enough from the climate adaptation and mitigation stand point. I know the CSR part is good but I am wondering if you think that these criterial could be more rigorous so that B Corps could deliver more. Thanks.
@BP colleague: you mentioned that biodiversity is no more CSR agenda for BP. However, this is still not sure business case or strategic case compared to SMEs such as what we heard from Natura. could you further elaborate how biodiversity become your strategic case given the past track record. Thanks Paul.
Andrea Alvares
@Bhim, we have been B Corp Certified since 2014, receiving a recertification in 2018 (we were the first publicly traded Company to be certified) and I do believe it is a robust certification, covering a wide range of aspects which build towards the idea of systemic view : environment, workers, community and governance. In the environment área, biodiversity conservation, fair trade and social development. As any certification, it evolves over time and, in our case, we are also actively working with other benchmarks to create the measurement systems to drive our business decisions. UEBT, EP&L, as well as our engagement in Science Based Targets Initiative are solid complements to BCorp Certification process.
Many thanks, Andrea. Good to know your own initiative to what already complying on B Coprs criteria.
Judit Arenas
Paul - appreciate you bringing up the need for a holistic approach including human rights. I worked with BP on this many years ago when I was with Amnesty International and glad to see this remain.
Eva Zabey
Please do sign up to the Call to Action “Nature is everyone’s business” by 1 Sep! https://www.businessfornature.org/call-to-action. Thank you!
what a super and inspiring note to end on! thank you
Susanne Kat
Thanks everyone for joining our session today!
Paula Guimaraes
Excellent session, thank you for sharing.